Slurry Dewatering and Filtration Solutions

Kimberlite tailings paste thickeners with overflow collection tank in South Africa. Data generation through test work for thickener sizing and input to process design.

  • Ore, Water and Slurry Characterisation
  • Design Data Generation – flocculation, thickening, filtration tests
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Dewatering Circuit Design for Greenfields applications


Vacuum belt filtration of copper tailings in Chile

  • Laboratory and Pilot Scale Studies
  • Site Audits and On-Site Tests for optimisation of Brownfields operations
  • Technical adjudication of dewatering equipment tenders
  • SteadyBed® thickener control philosophy

Speciality Solutions towards Dry Tailings Disposal

  • Beyond conventional de-watering, i.e. paste thickening, pressure filtration and hybrid systems
  • Tailings rheology modification
  • Determination of tailings bleed water limit upon deposition
  • Amelioration of tailings for rehabilitation


Ore Geo-Metallurgy

Selection of drill core for ore characterisation test campaign for data generation for geo-metallurgical modelling in partnership with GeMet

  • In Partnering with Gemet Logo
  • Full Ore Characterisation
  • Data Generation for Geo-Metallurgical Modelling
  • Prediction of slurry / tailings process behaviour


CFD Modelling

Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling of feed-wells, thickener operation and dewatering processes in partnership with Krassno Consulting

  • In partnership with Krassno Logo
  • CFD modelling is one of the tools used by Vietti Slurrytec in the auditing of dewatering equipment and allows for cost effective solutions to optimise thickener operation and specify upgrades.