About us

  • Our core competency
    • Clay mineral and slurry behaviour understanding
    • Slurry dewatering
    • Slurry separation
  • Our solution offering
    • Design and optimisation of gravity separation processes such as Conventional; High Rate; High Density and Paste thickening for any application
    • Design and optimising of filtration processes such as vacuum and pressure filtration for any application
    • Design of clay de-sliming processes for the recovery of fine and ultra-fine mineral product
    • Ore geo-metallurgical data for process flow sheet design
    • CFD modeling and verification for unit process or equipment design
    • SteadyBed® thickener control philosophy
  • Our product offering
    • KraVi® De-slimer
    • ClariVie44® process water circuit conditioner

Andrew Vietti


Director (Owner)

Andrew Vietti is a director of Vietti Slurrytec. Andrew has an MSc degree from the University of Natal with 15 years’ experience at De Beers Consolidated Mines developing Paste and Thickened Tailings disposal systems and a further 10 years as a director of Paterson and Cooke.
He has over 25 years of sedimentation experience world-wide which includes most mineral types in both small and very large operations. Andrew regularly presents papers at international conferences.

Fredré Dunn


Director (Owner)

Fredré Dunn is a director of Vietti Slurrytec. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering (Minerals Processing) from the University of Stellenbosch and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand on the subject of co-disposed thickened tailings.
Fredré worked at De Beers Consolidated Mines for 7 years, and a further 10 years as a director at Paterson and Cooke. She has consulted on a wide range of thickening projects throughout the world on many different applications.

Sammy Rabie


Senior Process Engineer

Sammy Rabie is a Senior Process Engineer at Vietti Slurrytec. Sammy holds a B Eng. Chemical Engineering degree and a M Eng. Chemical Engineering degree from the North-West University. Sammy is involved in various projects from around the world and in a wide variety of mines.

He is responsible for project management and test campaigns ranging from laboratory scale to on site campaigns.