We provide the tools and methods for designing processes.

Our Equipment

  • Crusher
  • Rod and Ball Mills
  • Screens
  • Laser particle size analyzer
  • Stereopycnometer
  • Bench-top thickeners
  • Semi-pilot scale thickeners
  • Mobile semi-pilot thickener plant
  • Bench-top vacuum filter
  • Bench-top pressure filter
  • Rheometer
  • Slump cylinders
  • Geotechnical settling test equipment
  • Laboratory flume testing device in partnership with Water, Waste & Land
  • Pilot scale KraVi de-slimer
  • Semi-pilot scale Perspex thickeners with picket rakes for simulating paste thickening conditions in laboratory environment. Used for test work to generate design data for thickener sizing and optimisation including flocculant type selection, flocculant dose determination and feed-well dilution requirements. Further mud bed consolidation behaviour of the material in the thickener is investigated to determine thickener residence time and estimates of underflow density and overflow clarity. Laboratory facility in South Africa.