KraVi® De-Slimer

The KraVi® de-slimer is a washing device used to remove fine slimes, or fine light particles from larger or heavier particles in a metallurgical slurry. In most instances these fine particles comprise the clay mineral or fine silicate fraction. The KraVi® finds its application in any mineral slurry stream where there is a need to remove a problematic fine clay/silicate particle fraction in order to improve the metallurgical efficiency of a secondary upgrading or recovery process.


  • Highly efficient separation based on size and density
  • Cost effective and high throughput device
  • Alternative to ultra-fine screens and de-sliming cyclones
  • Alternative to cyclone classification for tailings dam wall building
  • Improved metallurgical efficiency of flotation cells, spirals, classifiers, etc. through slimes removal


  • Fine coal recovery
  • Chrome recovery
  • Talc removal from PGM concentrates
  • Clay removal from low grade copper ores
  • Dump re-treatment
  • Tailings Deposition


The KraVi® is designed to run at high hydraulic loading. The turbulent flow within the unit is converted to laminar flow so that only the dispersed fines fraction is removed, while the underflow consequently comprises of a heavier concentrate.